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In this article we would like to show you how to use checkbox in React.

Below example shows a form as a functional component with a single checkbox and submit button.

We use useState hook to store boolean agreement state and setAgreement function to modify it.
By default the agreement value is set to false.

Quick solution:

// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

//import React from 'react';
const Form = props => {
  const [agreement, setAgreement] = React.useState(false);
  const handleChange = e => setAgreement(;
  const handleSubmit = e => {
	console.log(`checked: ${agreement}`);
  return (
	<form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>
		  <input type="checkbox" checked={agreement} onChange={handleChange} />
		  <span>Consent to the data processing</span>
	  <button type="submit">Submit</button>

const root = document.querySelector('#root');
ReactDOM.render(<Form />, root );


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