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NOTE: this is blog post, do not edit me this post. Thank you.

In this blog post I would like to collect and share my favourite websites. 🚀 ☕ 🔥

  • I need to remember one rule to add link to below list - the website MUST BE practical with code examples.
  • The link should be to the example article, not to the main page.

Links per category

Web Dev:



C# / .NET

Algorithms & Data Structures:

General coding knowledge and solutions:


Tutorial - more then 1 article merged into one list. Topics from A to Z (into into harder topics).

Left vs right list with articles

Websites with list of left side:

Websites with list of right side:

Tools and editors

Contents, On this page, In this article, Table of contents

Customizable UX

Nice websites that we can customize our UX.

For example we can change:

  • Menu fixed, floating
  • Colors of nav bar
  • Font size
  • Font type
  • More

List of such websites:

Fixed left menu

Websites design - 1, 2, 3 columns

1 main column

  • medium

2 columns (usually main column and right menu bar)

  • yt - single video view
  • dev to

3 columns (usually fixed left menu, main column, right menu)

Websites with communities

On the left:

  • fb
  • reddit

Very useful:

Readability and UX - ranking :D

Serivces architecture



Static websites:

  • Netlify - static websites - generated with hugo or react SSR
  • Cloudflare workers - similar to Netlify


  • AWS + S3
  • GCP
  • Azure


  • Cloudflare
  • Heroku


Alternative titles

  1. Nice apps, UX / usability / design, web services, websites, my favourite sites
  2. Useful coding websites - design, UX, usability
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