Intellij IDEA - the most useful shortcuts

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In this article, we would like to show you useful shortcuts in IntelliJ IDEA.


1. Ctrl + Shift + N

Open Search For File dialog.

2. Alt + Enter

When you see an error, place the mouse cursor on the error and press Alt + Enter to get a list of suggested fixes for the problem.

3. F2

Jump to the next error, warning or suggestion.

4. Shift + Shift

Double pressing the Shift key opens a search box that lets us look for anything (Classes, Files, Symbols, Actions etc.)

5. Ctrl + Alt + L 

Format code.

6. Ctrl + E

Open Recent Files.

7. Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right arrow

Go to the previous / next position of the cursor.

8. Alt + Letf / Right arrow

Go to the previous / next tab.

IntelliJ IDEA

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