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This article explains the rules for interface naming convention used in TypeScript.

The interface naming convention defines the following rules:

  1. Use PascalCase for interface names.
  2. Use camelCase for interface members.
  3. Do not use "I" as a prefix for interface names.
  4. Use whole words in names when possible.

Example predefined interfaces: Window, Document, etc.

Interface naming convention example

interface Square {
    readonly name: string;

    computePerimeter(aSize: number, bSize: number): number;
    computeArea(aSize: number, bSize: number): number;

    toString(): string;


Interface implementation:

class LocalSquare implements Square {

    get name(): string {
        return 'Square';
    public computePerimeter(aSize: number, bSize: number): number {
        return 2 * aSize + 2 * bSize;

    public computeArea(aSize: number, bSize: number): number {
        return aSize * bSize;

    public toString(): string {
        return `[ ${} object ]`;

Run it online here.

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