Programming - camelCase definition with example

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In this article, we would like to explain the concept of the camelCase naming style.

Example name:


The main idea is to:

  1. always start the name with a small letter,
  2. mark worlds join using capital letters.
  3. the abbreviation:
    • should be converted to small letters when starts the name,
    • when is located inside the name:
      • must be started with a capital letter,
      • can be written with all capital letters,
      • can be capitalized to make the name more readable.

Hint: using single or multiple abbreviations inside the name, select rules to make, as possible, names maximally readable.

Other examples:

Input (regular text)     Output (in cameCase)
--------------------     --------------------

This is example text     thisIsExampleText

HTML content             htmlContent

main HTML content        mainHTMLContent  or  mainHtmlContent

e-book                   eBook

new HTTP APR library     newHttpAprLibrary    <---- to increase readability

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Alternative titles

  1. Programming - camel case definition with example
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Programming - Case Styles

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