MySql - insert data from one table to another

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In this article, we would like to show how to insert data from one table to another in MySQL.

Quick solution:

INSERT INTO `dst_table` (SELECT * FROM `src_table`)


  • src_table means source table name,
  • dst_table means destination table name.


Practical examples

In this section, we want to show how to copy data with INSERT ... SELECT query.

1.1. Copping selected columns

Only selected columns are copied with created one value ('copied').

INSERT INTO `dst_table` (`name`, `status`, `source_id`) 
SELECT `name`, 'copied', `id` 
FROM `src_table`
ORDER BY `name` ASC 

1.2. Copping all columns

To use this approach both tables should have similar columns.

INSERT INTO `dst_table` (SELECT * FROM `src_table`);


INSERT INTO `dst_table` (SELECT * FROM `src_database`.`src_table`);

Note: use src_database only if source table is located in different database.

MySQL - Problems

MySql - insert data from one table to another
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