MySQL - restore database from backup using Linux Command Line

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In this short article we would like to show how to make MySQL database baskup using Linux Terminal (command line).

Quick solution:

cat /path/to/backup.sql | mysql -u db_username -pdb_password -h db_hostname db_name


  • do not use space beetween -p and password,
  • -h db_hostname is optional (lack means localhost connection).

Practical examples

Example 1:

cat ./2020_09_12_17_21_gallery.sql | mysql -u root -pEwcrtat318jkD -h gallery

Example 2:

cat "/path/to/backup/db/2020_09_12_17:21_gallery.sql" | mysql -u "root" -p"SecretPa$$word" -h "" "gallery"

Secure command example

Calling command with password as parameter is not save because is visible as process and stays in command history.

We can type password in program with:

cat /path/to/backup.sql | mysql -u db_username --password db_name

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