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Export excel to CSV with UTF-8 encoding - problem

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How can I export excel to CSV file with UTF-8 encoding?

If I export with default excel encoding I get some artifacts like wrong letters - eg I have some Polish characters like: ó, ź, ą, ę, ł etc.

When I export to csv all those characters get wrong encoding. 



First row should be: 3, Poznań

But instead I get: 3,Pozna?

How to solve this problem?

Entire data after export should looks like this:


I use Microsoft Office Excel 2013

2 answers
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Easiest way to solve this problem is to copy from excel to google docs excel and export data from there.

In google docs excel go to:

File -> Download -> Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)



Your data in google docs excel:

Your data after export from google docs excel:


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Coppied from following wiki article:

Do followin steps:

  1. go to: File -> Export -> Change File Type -> Save as Another File Type -> Save As,
  2. set Save as type to CSV UTF-8 (Comma dellimited) (*.csv)

Export -> Save As option screenshot: 

Export excel data to UTF-8 csv file.
Export excel data to UTF-8 csv file.

File preview with Notepad++:

Exported excel data to UTF-8 csv file.
Exported excel data to UTF-8 csv file.
I don't have such option, I use excel 2013.
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