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JavaScript - random integer number in range with exclusive max value example

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In JavaScript, it is possible to randomizeĀ integer numberĀ in range with exclusive max value in following way.

1. Custom random methodĀ examples

// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

	inclusive min (result can be equal to min value)
    exclusive max (result will not be to max value)
function randomizeInteger(min, max) {
  	if(max == null) {
    	max = (min == null ? Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER : min);
      	min = 0;

    min = Math.ceil(min);  // inclusive min
    max = Math.floor(max); // exclusive max

  	if(min > max - 1) {
    	throw new Error("Incorrect arguments.");

    return min + Math.floor((max - min) * Math.random());

// Example:

console.log(randomizeInteger()); // 5547382624322139
console.log(randomizeInteger(5)); // 3
console.log(randomizeInteger(10, 80)); // 62
console.log(randomizeInteger(-50, 50)); // -8

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