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JavaScript - how to get random double between 2 numbers?

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In JavaScript it is possible to generate random number from range in following way.

1. Custom random logic example

var RandomUtils = {
    generateNumber: function(min, max) {
        if(min > max)
            throw new Error('Minimum value should be smaller than maximum value.');

        var range = max - min;

       return min + range * Math.random();


console.log(RandomUtils.generateNumber(-5, +5));
console.log(RandomUtils.generateNumber(+2, +7));
console.log(RandomUtils.generateNumber(0, 1000));



Note: RandomUtils.generateNumber method returns a floating-point, pseudo-random number in the range minmax (inclusive of min, but not max) with approximately uniform distribution over that rang.


  1. Math.random method - MDN docs
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