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Java - get random long

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1. Generate random long with ThreadLocalRandom

public static long nextLong() {
    return ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextLong();


System.out.println(nextLong()); // 387012672104004517
System.out.println(nextLong()); // 6852957493264943261
System.out.println(nextLong()); // -71063557433901021

2. Generate random long with Random

public static long nextLong2() {
    return new Random().nextLong();


System.out.println(nextLong2()); // 1210711763149946015
System.out.println(nextLong2()); // -7418942686528922245
System.out.println(nextLong2()); // -453231838162786783

3. Generate random long with Random and LongStream

public static long nextLong3() {
    // java 8
    return new Random().longs().limit(1).findFirst().getAsLong();


System.out.println(nextLong3()); // 8162070174534088347
System.out.println(nextLong3()); // 1459269772671493893
System.out.println(nextLong3()); // 433964390590900751

If we want to generate random long in range look into post:


ThreadLocalRandom - Java docs
Random - Java docs
LongStream - Java docs

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