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Java - generate random number between 1 and 100

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Generate random number between 1 and 100 in Java 

It can be accomplished with usage of

public static int nextInt(int min, int max) {
	return ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextInt(min, max);


System.out.println(nextInt(1, 100)); // 46
System.out.println(nextInt(1, 100)); // 65
System.out.println(nextInt(1, 100)); // 94
System.out.println(nextInt(1, 100)); // 18
System.out.println(nextInt(1, 100)); // 25

There are other ways to achieve it, look at this post:

and hashtag #random-min-max with methods for int, long, float, double to generate numbers in range min and max

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