Java - generate array with 10 random numbers

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Generate array with 10 random numbers in range 60 and 100.

We can change min and max value to any Integer value, also negative.

// generate random numbers between 60 and 100
int minVal = 60;
int maxVal = 100;

int[] arr = new int[10];
for (int i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
    arr[i] = ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextInt(minVal, maxVal);

// [98, 93, 80, 61, 64, 70, 73, 64, 71, 86]

We can adjust the above code to generate array with 10 random longs, floats or doubles.
To get the code for random min max long, float, double check post:

and hashtag #random-min-max with methods for int, long, float, double to generate numbers in range min and max

There are other ways to generate random integer in range min-max, look at this post:


ThreadLocalRandom - Java docs
Random - Java docs

Java - random numbers

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