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In java we can convert long to int by:
- using typecasting eg: (int) longValue
- Math.toIntExact
- Long.intValue

1. Using typecasting

long val = 1000L;
int intVal = (int) val;
System.out.println(intVal); // 1000

Type casting - when we assign value of one primitive data type to another type.
In this case from long to int.

2. Math.toIntExact

long val = 1000L;
int intVal = Math.toIntExact(val);
System.out.println(intVal); // 1000

Java 8 added method toIntExact to Math class.
If the passing long value overflows an int it will throw ArithmeticException.

3. Long.intValue

Long val = 1000L;
int intVal = val.intValue();
System.out.println(intVal); // 1000

Long class have intValue() method which allow us to perform typecasting.

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