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Java - 4 different ways to generate random double

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1. Generate random double with ThreadLocalRandom

public static double nextDouble() {
    return ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextDouble();


System.out.println(nextDouble()); // 0.6260248581412109
System.out.println(nextDouble()); // 0.8624217725537807
System.out.println(nextDouble()); // 0.4870344165107542

2. Generate random double with Random

public static double nextDouble2() {
    return new Random().nextDouble();


System.out.println(nextDouble2()); // 0.8853243052768429
System.out.println(nextDouble2()); // 0.763297548370907
System.out.println(nextDouble2()); // 0.8125479078816122

3. Generate random double with Math

public static double nextDouble3() {
    return Math.random();


System.out.println(nextDouble3()); // 0.36225288271248024
System.out.println(nextDouble3()); // 0.03675822890573344
System.out.println(nextDouble3()); // 0.48065002903809895

4. Generate random double with Random and DoubleStream

public static double nextDouble4() {
    // java 8 + DoubleStream
    return new Random().doubles().limit(1).findFirst().getAsDouble();


System.out.println(nextDouble4()); // 0.9310238127103216
System.out.println(nextDouble4()); // 0.7304200864872137
System.out.println(nextDouble4()); // 0.9112523320636519


ThreadLocalRandom - Java docs
Math - Java docs
Random - Java docs
DoubleStream - Java docs

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