How to Download and Install Inkscape on Windows 10

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1. Overview

In this post I'd like to show you how to download and install inkscape on windows 10.

Download and Install Inkscape on Windows 10 - Image intro
Download and Install Inkscape on Windows 10 - Image intro

2. Steps

  1. First we need to check the our system type - 32 or 64 bit (In my case 64 bit). In order to do it click on This PC with second mouse click and click on Properties. And we will see system type.
  2. Go to inkscape website: 
  3. Click Download section
  4. Click Current Version
  5. Click on Windows (Microsoft's Windows Desktop)
  6. 64-bit (64-bit architecture) (in my case)
  7. Click Installer in .exe format
  8. After downloading is finished - click on installer
  9. Click next, next, next
  10. Wait for installer to finish
  11. Click on Finish button and inkscape app will be opened

3. Video tutorial


  1. Inkscape - wikipedia
  2. Inkscape website
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