CPU Benchmark - Raspberry PI vs Banana PI - single core speed test with Fibonacci Sequence

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In this short article, I would like to show the results of a simple CPU test made on Raspberry PI and Banana PI using Fibonacci Sequence, run on a single core.

Test result:

Computer NameCalculations Time [s]Operating SystemComputer Specification
Raspberry PI 2 B+234RaspbianHomepage
Raspberry PI 3 B+201RaspbianHomepage
Banana PI M3142RaspbianHomepage
Ryzen 9 5900X2Windows 10 (x64)
Compiler: MSVC x64

Note: smaller calculations time means the pc is faster
(e.g. Banana PI M3 is 1.65 times faster than Raspberry PI 2 B+ on single CPU core computation)

Note: below tests were compiled with GCC (with disabled optimization).

Used test (program.cpp file):

//CPU test

#include <iostream>
#include <time.h>

int main()
        unsigned long tmp, a = 0, b = 1;

        //std::cout << a << std::endl;
        //std::cout << b << std::endl;

        std::cout << "Started!" << std::endl;

        time_t t1 = time(NULL);

        for (unsigned long i = 0uL; i < 10000uL; ++i)
            for (unsigned long j = 0uL; j < 1000000uL; ++j)
                    tmp = b;
                    b = a + b;
                    a = tmp;

                    //std::cout << b << std::endl;

        time_t t2 = time(NULL);
        time_t dt = t2 - t1;

        std::cout << "Finished!" << std::endl;

        std::cout << "Result: " << b << std::endl;
        std::cout << "Time: " << dt << "s" << std::endl;

        return 0;


g++ -o program program.cpp

# or:

gcc -o program program.cpp


chmod a+x ./program
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