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I get an error for all youtube videos I try to watch outside of youtube.

On twitter, on dirask - everywhere outside of youtube.

How can I fix this problem?

Screenshot with this error:

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Quick solution that worked for me:

  • Try to play YouTube video in another browser.
  • In my case I use chrome and when I saw this problem I opened link with firefox and it worked.
  • Then I closed chrome and opened it again and it solved my problem.

When YouTube videos still show loading error or don't play, we can try to use some solution from below list.

  1. Try to play YouTube video in another browser
  2. Try to play YouTube video in incognito window
  3. Close entire browser and try again
  4. Try to refresh entire web site
  5. Restart computer
  6. Restart entire router - plug off cables and plugin or turn on / off
  7. Try to use faster internet

Also there is possibility to get some video that still doens't work like this one (tested at 2020-08-21):

Let me know if this link works for you?

If the link doens't work on your favourite platfrom, you can try to post it on another platfrom like on twitter to ensure that problem is reproducible.

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