Node.js - btoa is not defined error

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I tried to encode text to base64 using btoa function in Node.js, but I get this error: 

const base64Data = btoa(data);
ReferenceError: btoa is not defined

My code: 

const data = 'password';
const base64Data = btoa(data);

How to solve it? Is there no btoa method in Node.js?

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Dirask JS Member

Unfortunately, Node.js does not support this method. The solution, however, is to use the Buffer class, so you can use:

const btoa = (text) => {
    return Buffer.from(text, 'binary').toString('base64');

console.log(btoa('This is text...')); // VGhpcyBpcyB0ZXh0Li4u

Check out this article:

Node.js - atob / btoa functions equivalents

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