Angular init entire project after git clone

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Today I made git pull of new project from gitlab repository.
I use Intellij IDEA to run app with package.json
The config file package.json start angular app with:

"start": "ng serve"

The angular application won't start and I see a lot of errors in console output.
How can I solve it? Is there a command I need to execute fresh after git pull of repo?

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  • This command always solve this problem:
npm install

After this command will be executed it will create node_modules with all libs.
If we want to see what npm is doing in the background (when app is large, then npm install can take quite time) we can use --verbose parameter and it will print all the stuff npm downloads.

npm install --verbose
  • We can start angular app from command line with:
ng serve
  • Explanation:

Every time after we clone fresh git repo we need to install all packages and dependencies we have configured for this project.

All the stuff will go to the directory:


This directory with all libs shouldn't be added to repository.

Description from npm documentation:
This command installs a package, and any packages that it depends on.

link to npm-install doc - here

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