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"available soon" vs "soon available" vs alternatives

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1. Problem

Which one is more correct - "available soon" vs "soon available"?
What are some alternatives?

Usually when we have link on our website and we would like to add alert with some information that this feature or product will be soon finished.

Personally I googled this comparion couple of times in the past :)

2. Solution

Available soon - much more popular and used
Soon available - also correct but less popular and used

Alternatives of "available soon":

  • Coming soon
  • Will be soon available
  • Arriving in the near future
  • Coming shortly
  • Upcoming
  • Under construction
<p>Anyone have any edits suggestions or alternatives ideas?</p>
<p>Personally like:</p> <ul> <li>This page is under&nbsp;construction</li> <li>Page under&nbsp;construction</li> </ul>
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