String - common problems (Cross technology)

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String - common problems (Cross technology)


check if string is emptylinklinklink-linklink--
check if string only contains numberslinklinklink-link---
check if string contains only digitslinklinklink-----
check string lengthlinklinklinklinklink---
compare stringslinklinklink-link---
count character occurrenceslinklink      
generate random string of size n characterslinklink--link---
insert unicode character to stringlinklink      
iterate through stringlinklink--link---
no-break / non-breaking space in stringlinklink      
reverse stringlinklinklinklinklink---
reverse words in a given stringlinklinklinklinklink---
split string by hyphen signlinklinklink-link---
split string by new line characterlinklinklinklinklink---
split string by space characterlinklinklinklinklink---
split string with more than 1 space between wordslinklinklinklinklink---
trim whitespace from a stringlinklink--link---





TODO: check empty cells in dirask search and paste links.

Cross technology - common problems

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