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In this short article, we would like to show how to make Postgres database backup from the command line under Linux. 

Quick solution:

pg_dump -h localhost -p 5432 -U my-username -W my-database > /path/to/backup.sql

Note: command will ask us to type the current username password.


To include SQL commands to clean (drop) databases before recreating them, use the following command (-c parameter):

pg_dump -c -h localhost -p 5432 -U my-username -W my-database > /path/to/backup.sql


  • -c¬†causes adding database clean queries to the generated dump,
  • localhost¬†and¬†5432¬†should be used according to¬†Postgres¬†server address (host and port),
  • my-username¬†should be replaced with current database credentials,
  • -W¬†causes displaying propmpt to type my-usernames'¬†password,
  • my-database¬†indicates copied¬†database,
  • /path/to/backup.sql should be replaced with destinated backup file location.
Note: do not forget to check if Postgres is installed or run the installation command:
sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib - for Debian / Ubuntu Linuxes
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