MR shortcut meaning - What does MR shortcut means in software engineering terms?

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1. MR shortcut meaning

MR stands for Merge Request in terms of version control systems.

It is widely used on platforms such as GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket.
It is also called pull request.

  • MR - Merge request
  • Pull request
  • Merging a pull request

2. MR on GitLab

GitLab - Merge requests

Merge requests
Merge requests allow you to visualize and collaborate on the proposed changes to source code that exist as commits on a given Git branch. A Merge Request (MR) is the basis of GitLab as a code collaboration and version control platform. It is as simple as the name implies: a request to merge one branch into another.

3. MR on GitHub

GitHub - Merging a pull request

Merge a pull request into the upstream branch when work is completed. Anyone with push access to the repository can complete the merge.

4. MR on Bitbucket

Bitbucket - Create a pull request to merge your change

Create a pull request to merge your change to alert your teammates to your updates and get their approval, your next step is to create a pull request. In addition to a place for code review, a pull request shows a comparison of your changes against the original repository (also known as a diff) and provides an easy way to merge code when ready.


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