Linux - how to exit vim editor?

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Fast manual - quit without saving

Below steps show how to quit vim editor without saving any changes:

  • Press: Esc
  • Press: : (colon)
  • Type: q!
  • Press: Enter

In details manual - step by step

To quit the vi / vim editor without saving any changes you've made:

If you are currently in insert or append mode

  • Press: Esc
  • Press: : (colon)

The cursor should reappear at the lower left corner of the screen beside a colon prompt.

  • Type: q!
  • Press: Enter

Other option - save and quit

If we want to save the changes and quit change only 1 step, instead of q! we type wq

  • Press: Esc
  • Press: : (colon)
  • Type: wq
  • Press: Enter

Other option - save and still stay in vim

If we want just to save the changes and still stay in vim

Enter the following:

  • Press: Esc
  • Press: : (colon)
  • Type: q
  • Press: Enter


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