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Many years me and my friends we were volunteers on my university doing programming classes for young people.

I got main conclusion: Young people are awesome, especially students, because they always bring new and fresh ideas :)
* I loved to do it but my time is limited

  I decided to create something that will help millions of students

Now I am here


Linux / Bash - print current Unix time in milliseconds

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In this short article we would like to show how to print unix time in millisecondsĀ in Unix / Linux terminal.

Quick example:

date +%s%3N


millisecond time in Linux / Unix
millisecond time in Linux / Unix


date +%s%N | cut -b 1-13

# or

echo $(($(date +%s%N) / 1000000))

Some linux distributions and Unix based operating systems like OS X could do not upport %N, so it can be necessary to use other solution to get it. Below description shows how to do it with different techniques.

Solutions table:Ā 

LanguageConsole command
Rubyruby -e 'puts'
Pythonpython -c 'import time; print time.time()'
Node.jsnode -e 'console.log('
PHPphp -r 'echo microtime(TRUE);'
ElixirDateTime.utc_now() |> DateTime.to_unix(:millisecond)
wget + internetuse wget to download time
curl + linkuse curl to download time
date roundeddate +%s000

Example time source for wget and curl:

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