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JavaScript tutorial - most useful operations

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In this article most common queries has been collected.

JavaScript - string conversion tutorial:

JavaScript - JSON conversion tutorial:

JavaScript - popular operations:

JavaScript - number conversion tutorial:

  • number to string
  • number to binary
  • number to currency
  • number to hex
  • number to date
  • number to boolean
  • number to array of digits
  • number to letter
  • number to words
  • number to integer
  • number to decimal
  • number to bits
  • number to byte
  • number to base64
  • number to bit array

JavaScript convert int to string
JavaScript convert int to float
JavaScript convert int to binary
JavaScript convert decimal to hexadecimal

JavaScript display float with 2 decimal places
JavaScript format number to always display 2 decimal places

JavaScript - instruction tutorial:

JavaScript Math object methods:

JavaScript Math Object Constants (Properties):

  • Math.PI
  • Math.E
  • Math.LN2
  • Math.LN10
  • Math.LOG2E
  • Math.LOG10E
  • Math.SQRT2
  • Math.SQRT1_2

JavaScript String methods:

  • charAt()
  • charCodeAt()
  • codePointAt()
  • concat()
  • endsWith()
  • includes()
  • indexOf()
  • lastIndexOf()
  • localeCompare()
  • match()
  • matchAll()
  • normalize()
  • padEnd()
  • padStart()
  • repeat()
  • replace()
  • search()
  • slice()
  • split()
  • startsWith()
  • substring()
  • toLocaleLowerCase()
  • toLocaleUpperCase()
  • toLowerCase()
  • toString()
  • toUpperCase()
  • trim()
  • trimEnd()
  • trimStart()
  • valueOf()

JavaScript String static methods:

  • String.fromCharCode()
  • String.fromCodePoint()

JavaScript String Properties:

  • prototype
  • length
  • constructor


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