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JavaScript - switch statement with example

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switch statement is used to select and execute some code block from defined cases using expression.

1. switch syntax

switch(expression) {
    case x:
        // code block
    case y:
        // code block
    case z:
        // code block

    // other cases...

        // code block


  • expression returns value that will be compared with cases,
  • x, y and z are values that are associated with code blocks,
  • if expression maches some case value (x, y or z) than related code block is executed,
  • if break instruction is placed after code block, next code block is not executed,
  • if expression is not matched to any case value default code block is executed.

2. switch statement example

var name = 'John';
var role = '';

switch (name) {
    case 'John':
        role = 'Administrator';
    case 'Kate':
    case 'Chris':
        role = 'Moderator';
        role = 'User';

console.log('User ' + name + ' is ' + role + '.');


User John is Administrator.


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