JavaScript - scroll stop event

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In this short article we would like to show how to detect scroll stop event (scroll end event).

There is no way to handle scroll stop event by default API listener (we have 2020-09-16). Solution for the problem is to use some trick: do some logic when scroll event doesn't occur few milliseconds after appeared.

Example code:

// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

<!doctype html>
<body style="height: 200px;">
  <div style="background: silver; height: 600px;">
    Scroll me up, down, up down and stop!
    function createScrollStopListener(element, callback, timeout) {
        var handle = null;
        var onScroll = function() {
            if (handle) {
            handle = setTimeout(callback, timeout || 200); // default 200 ms
        element.addEventListener('scroll', onScroll);
        return function() {
            element.removeEventListener('scroll', onScroll);

    // Example usage:

    createScrollStopListener(window, function() {



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