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  1. JavaScript - remove HTML data attribute from element
  2. JavaScript - modify the site URL without reloading the page 
  3. JavaScript - merge two object properties dynamically
  4. JavaScript - save an  object in the  browser
  5. JavaScript - deep copy array (deep clone array)  
  6. JavaScript - get number with commas as thousands separators 
  7. JavaScript - access  matched groups in regular expression
  8. JavaScript - initialize a Date to a particular time zone
  9. How can I debug JavaScript code?
  10. JavaScript - number of days between two dates
  11. JavaScript - extend existing Class with new method (e.g. new Array().myMethod())
  12. JavaScript - run js code from string variable with eval() method
  13. JavaScript - detect if browser window is not currently active
  14. JavaScript - how to get total part of float number? // popatrzeńᬆna¬†

Request for article

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