JavaScript - remove substring from string between indexes

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In this article, we are going to look at how to remove substring from a string using JavaScript.

Note: in practice when we want to remove some characters from existing string, we need to create new string, what was shown in the below example.

Practical example:

// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

function removeSubstring(text, startIndex, endIndex) {
  	if (endIndex < startIndex) {
  		startIndex = endIndex;
    var a = text.substring(0, startIndex);
    var b = text.substring(endIndex);
    return a + b;

// Usage example:

//   index: 0    5 7   11 14
//          |    | |   |  |
var text = "This is my text";

console.log( removeSubstring(text, 0, 1) );               // is my text
console.log( removeSubstring(text, 5, 7) );               // This  my text
console.log( removeSubstring(text, 1, text.length - 1) ); // Tt


his is my text
This  my text


Alternative titles

  1. JavaScript - remove some part from string between indexes
  2. JavaScript - remove some text from string between indexes
  3. JavaScript - remove multiple characters from string between indexes
  4. JavaScript - remove some characters from string starting from index
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Cross technology - remove substring from string between indexes

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