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JavaScript - remove last n characters from string - js util

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In JavaScript it is possible to remove last n characters from string in following way.

1. Using String slice() method

// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

// common method to remove last n characters from string
function removeLastChars(text, n) {
    n *= -1;
    return text.slice(0, n);

console.log( removeLastChars('12345', 1) ); // 1234
console.log( removeLastChars('12345', 2) ); // 123
console.log( removeLastChars('12345', 3) ); // 12
console.log( removeLastChars('12345', 4) ); // 1

// below results are empty, that's why we compare them to ''
console.log( removeLastChars('12345', 0) === '' ); // true
console.log( removeLastChars('12345', 5) === '' ); // true

We can achieve the same results using:

  • String substring() method
  • String replace() method
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