JavaScript - detect if *.js code is run under Browser or Node.js

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In this short article, we would like to show how to check in a simple way if JavaScript source code is run under Browser or Node.js.

Quick solution: put the following code at the beginning of your program.

// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

"use strict"

const IS_NODE = typeof global === 'object' && '[object global]' ===;
const IS_BROWSER = typeof window === 'object' && '[object Window]' ===;

console.log(`IS_NODE: ${IS_NODE}`);
console.log(`IS_BROWSER: ${IS_BROWSER}`);

Node.js output:

Node.js detection in JavaScript.


Note: there are additional alternative ways how to do a more precise JavaScript environment detection, e.g. by checking other global objects: document, location,, etc.

More precise detection could be useful when we do detection, not at the script beginning and global objects can be created in the code.

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