JavaScript - String charCodeAt() method example

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// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

var text = 'abc';
console.log( text.charCodeAt(0) ); // 97

console.log( 'abc'.charCodeAt(0) ); // 97
console.log( 'abc'.charCodeAt(1) ); // 98
console.log( 'abc'.charCodeAt(2) ); // 99

console.log( text.charCodeAt()     ); // 97
console.log( text.charCodeAt(-1)   ); // NaN
console.log( text.charCodeAt(10)   ); // NaN
console.log( text.charCodeAt(null) ); // 97

1. Documentation

Parametersindex - integer number value that represents character position (primitive value).
ResultCharacter code from index position (primitive value).
DescriptioncharCodeAt takes only one parameter and return character code at index position inside string. The codes are compatible with UTF-16 (Unicode). If some character code is bigger than 0xFFFF then retuened is first part of code. For index from out of range NaN is returned.

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