Java 8 - Int Stream API generate list with 10 random numbers

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Java 8 - generate list with 10 random numbers

int size = 10;
int min = 55;
int max = 123;

List<Integer> randList = new Random().ints(size, min, max)

// [69, 93, 83, 61, 63, 62, 107, 82, 110, 103]

Above example uses IntStream.ints with 3 args

IntStream ints(long streamSize, int randomNumberOrigin, int randomNumberBound)

Param description:

@param streamSize the number of values to generate
@param randomNumberOrigin the origin (inclusive) of each random value
@param randomNumberBound the bound (exclusive) of each random value


Random - Java Docs
IntStream - Java Docs

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