Irfanview - resize multiple images

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Quick solution:

  1. Open Irfanview
  2. Click 'File'(top left menu bar)
  3. Select 'Batch conversion/Rename...'
  4. 'Batch conversion' window will popup
  5. Select images that we want to convert
  6. Click 'Add all' button
  7. In 'Barch conversion settings' click on 'Advanced' button
  8. Click on checkbox 'RESIZE'
  9. Set expected With or Height of the picture and click Ok
  10. Click 'Start Batch' button

We can convert 10 pictures from our smartphone (4032x3024 px) to smaller size (for example setting only with to 1600px) and Irfanview will calculate correct height for our pictures. Entire conversion is very fast.

TODO: add gif

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