Git squash last 2 commits into 1 commit

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Quick solution:

git rebase -i HEAD~2



  • git rebase --interactive HEAD~2
  • change first word of second line from "pick" to "squash"
  • :wq (git bash write and quit)
  • 2 commit messages will show up
  • usually we remove second message and leave only first message or we change first message
  • push our local branch to remote with force - git push -f



First command:

$ git rebase -i HEAD~2

pick 7357fca Commit 1
pick fc8bc9b Commit 2

Change pick to squash:

$ git rebase -i HEAD~2

pick 7357fca Commit 1
squash fc8bc9b Commit 2


Change time of last commit to current time

git commit --amend --date="now"

See more: Git squash - change time of last commit to current time


Git bash / vim - replace replace pick with squash


Above command will replace pick with squash from 2nd to 17th line (commit).

If we have 5 commits to squash then:


TODO: find pick only at the beginning of the line.


See also:

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Git - rebase & squash

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