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C# / .NET - get current machine time in nanoseconds

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This posts try to answer for common question: How to get java System.nanoTime() in C# / .NET - it is possible in following way.

Getting nano time with Stopwatch.GetTimestamp method example

using System.Diagnostics;

public static class TimeUtils
	public static long GetNanoseconds()
		double timestamp = Stopwatch.GetTimestamp();
		double nanoseconds = 1_000_000_000.0 * timestamp / Stopwatch.Frequency;

		return (long)nanoseconds;


long t1 = TimeUtils.GetNanoseconds();


long t2 = TimeUtils.GetNanoseconds();
long dt = t2 - t1;

Console.WriteLine(t2 + " - " + t1 + " = " + dt + " ns");


193915543540248 - 193914543003928 = 1000536320 ns
  • Stopwatch.GetTimestamp returns time from timer mechanism - system up time.
  • The best application of this time could be measuring how much time took some operations.


  1. Stopwatch.GetTimestamp Method - Microsoft Docs
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