Angular 7 - create component from command line

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Command line:

ng generate component our-component-name

Step by step:
* From top level of our angular 7 app
open angular CLI
* and run:

ng generate component our-component-name

$ ng generate component our-component-name
CREATE src/app/our-component-name/our-component-name.component.html (37 bytes)
CREATE src/app/our-component-name/our-component-name.component.spec.ts (700 bytes)
CREATE src/app/our-component-name/our-component-name.component.ts (315 bytes)
CREATE src/app/our-component-name/our-component-name.component.css (0 bytes)
UPDATE src/app/app.module.ts (590 bytes)

After that this component is added to app.module.ts

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