What are the valid characters in usernames?

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I need to create authentication validation and I need to decide what characters we will allow to in username. For now I think:

  • letters
  • numbers
  • dots

Is there a problem with using underscore (_) and dash (-)?
Or it should be avoided to allow users to use such characters?
If yes, why?

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Everything depends where would you like to use this username later, how sent and have it easly readable during transfering and storing.

In my opinion following characters ._-0-9a-zA-Z are good because make username clear. It is easy later even to use username in request parameter ?username=my-user-name for rows filtering/searching and link is very clear.

Only one additional limitation I would like to add is to do not let for any user to create login that starts, ends or contains in direct sibling following characters ._-.

If you want to integrate it with some service like gmail I recommend to look at google documentations.


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