How to set up wifi network on RPi 3, Model B?

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I use RPi 3 Model B, and I’m in trouble with its wifi connection. I’ve tried to connect to the internet via wifi but I can’t (I can connect the wired network.). As far as I know, I can connect via wifi without any additional adapters with this RPi b3, but I cannot, so I connected an adapter but still I cannot.


I see the two cross marks on the arrows indicating connection, and I cannot see the access point. Also, I cannot open the wireless and wired network setting window.

How can I solve this problem?

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First thing, we should check if wi-fi module is disvovered:

Could you run in terminal following command to check available network interfaces:

sudo ip link show

Share here command output with next answer too. 

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Thank you for the answer. Here is the answer for the command.

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