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Github - what is the difference between a repository and a project?

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Hi :)

I'm starting my adventure with programming and set up an account on github, but I'm not sureĀ what is the difference between a repository and a project. Is there a separate repository for each project? Or should IĀ create one repository andĀ several different projects in it?

Thanks for your help: D

2 answers
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One project = one repository


The best isĀ to imagine that each repository isĀ a separate folder where you keep files for one specific project.

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In simple way, we can say:

Project (in computer) - set of organized informations as files that describe some work with easy access to themĀ (e.g. Web Site, Computer Program).

Repository - is place where files / projects that areĀ stored to keep history of changes and protect themĀ (they can be archived to reduce size).

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