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TypeScript - how to install tsc (TypeScript compiller) for windows

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TypeScript compiler for Windows can be installed in following way.

1. Instalation guid

  1. Ensure that NodeJS and npm are installed (installation and running instruction is here).
  2. Open some terminal as administrator, e.g. Bash (installation struction is here).
  3. Install TypeScript compiller with command:
    $ npm install -g typescript
    where -g flag means global installation.
TypeScript installation example
TypeScript installation example

2. *.ts compilation guid

  1. Create Script.ts file:
    for(let i = 0; i < 5; ++i)
        console.log('Hello world!');
  2. Run tsc command
    $ tsc Script.ts

    Note: after compliation Script.js file should be created.

  3. Run compiled program
    $ node Script.js


    Hello world!
    Hello world!
    Hello world!
    Hello world!
    Hello world!

3. References

  1.  TypeScript Installation - Microsoft Docs

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