React - simple login / logout service

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In this article, we would like to show you how to create a simple login/logout service in React.

In below example, we create an AuthenticationContext object which let us share a context between child components. Context lets us share some information across components without using props - all child components have access to the parent context.

Using AuthenticationContext.Provider we are able to share with all children authenticationService object. To access authenticationService object in any child it is necessary to call useContext(AuthenticationContext).

  • UserMenu functional component is the first component that uses our AuthenticationContext initialized in App. With button elements and their onClick methods we can login or logout our user by updating AuthenticationContext.
  • SiteNavbar component is the second component that uses AuthenticationContext.
    It displays our user using getUser() method from our authenticationService and renders UserMenu component.
  • User data is stored inside state in App component to force re-rendering for all components when user data are changed - user is logged in or logged out.
// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

// import React from 'react';
// import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';

const AuthenticationContext = React.createContext();

const UserMenu = () => {
    const authenticationService = React.useContext(AuthenticationContext);
  	const handleLoginClick = () => authenticationService.loginUser('John');
    const handleLogoutClick = () => authenticationService.logoutUser();
    return (
          <button onClick={handleLoginClick}>Login John!</button>
          <button onClick={handleLogoutClick}>Logout John!</button>

const SiteNavbar = () => {
    const authenticationService = React.useContext(AuthenticationContext);
    return (
          <UserMenu />
          <br /><br />
          <div>User: {authenticationService.getUser() ?? '<unknown>'}</div>

const App = () => {
    const [user, setUser] = React.useState(null);
    const authenticationService = {
        getUser: () => user,
        loginUser: (user) => {
            //TODO: Replace setUser with AJAX request to server
            return true;
        logoutUser: () => {
            //TODO: Replace setUser with AJAX request to server
            return true;
        // other methods ...
    return (
        <AuthenticationContext.Provider value={authenticationService}>
          <SiteNavbar />

const root = document.querySelector('#root');
ReactDOM.render(<App />, root);


Alternative titles

  1. React - simple login / logout logic with shared context
  2. React - simple login / logout logic with useContext
  3. React - auth service
  4. React - authentication service
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React - login / logout service
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