React - check version from command line

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In this short article we would like to show how to check used React version using command line.

Quick solution (type in terminal following command):

npm v react

Note: first line of the output indicates react version, so in our case it is 17.0.1 - check below output.

Getting React version from command line.
Getting React version from command line.

Hint: go to react project before npm v react command usage - we want to see locally used version.

Command output:

react@17.0.1 | MIT | deps: 2 | versions: 297
React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

keywords: react

.shasum: 6e0600416bd57574e3f86d92edba3d9008726127
.integrity: sha512-lG9c9UuMHdcAexXtigOZLX8exLWkW0Ku29qPRU8uhF2R9BN96dLCt0psvzPLlHc5OWkgymP3qwTRgbnw5BKx3w==
.unpackedSize: 298.4 kB

loose-envify: ^1.1.0
object-assign: ^4.1.1

- sebmarkbage <>
- gaearon <>
- acdlite <>
- brianvaughn <>
- fb <>
- trueadm <>
- sophiebits <>
- lunaruan <>

experimental: 0.0.0-experimental-3310209d0
latest: 17.0.1
next: 0.0.0-8e5adfbd7
untagged: 16.14.0

published 2 months ago by gaearon <>

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  1. React - check version form terminal
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React - check version from cmd
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