Paint.NET - how to add border to picture

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In this article, we would like to show you how to add a border to the picture in Paint.NET.

1. Paste selected picture into Paint.NET and crop it to the selection using CTRL + SHIFT + x.

2. Select Shapes 

Paint.NET - Select Shapes
Paint.NET - Select Shapes

3. Disable antialiasing

Paint.NET - Disable Antialiasing
Paint.NET - Disable Antialiasing

4. Set the following properties to:

  • Brush width: 1,
  • Style: Solid,
  • Fill: Solid Color,
  • Optionally: set Color of the border with Color Picker tool.
Paint.NET - Border properties
Paint.NET - border properties

5.Zoom in your picture and start drawing the border from the top-left corner and without cancelling the drawing go to the right-bottom corner to end the drawing.


You can easily scroll the picture horizontally using SHIFT + mouse wheel.

Gray border for white background example:

Paint.NET - start drawing border
Paint.NET - start drawing border
Paint.NET - end drawing border
Paint.NET - end drawing border
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