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In this article, we would like to show you HTTP methods in Express.js.

Basic HTTP methods

GETThe GET method requests a representation of the specified resource. Requests using GET method should only retrieve the data.
POSTThe POST method requests are most often used to create new resources from the data enclosed in the request.
PUTThe PUT method requests are most often used to modify/update existing resources with the data enclosed in the request. If the resource doesn't exist, the PUT method should create one.
DELETEThe DELETE method requests that the server delete the specified resource.

Other routing methods

  • checkout
  • copy
  • head
  • lock
  • merge
  • mkactivity
  • mkcol
  • move
  • m-search
  • notify
  • options
  • patch
  • purge
  • report
  • search
  • subscribe
  • trace
  • unlock
  • unsubscribe


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