JavaScript - how to insert element after element?

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Using JavaScript it is possible to insert element after some element inside DOM tree in following way.

1. Custom insertAfter method example

// ONLINE-RUNNER:browser;

<!doctype html>

    function insertAfter(newElement, placeholder) {
    	var parent = placeholder.parentNode;
      	if (parent == null) {
        	throw new Error('Placeholder element does not have parent node.');
      	var sibling = placeholder.nextSibling;
      	if (sibling) {
        	parent.insertBefore(newElement, sibling);
        } else {
    <p id="element-1">1st element...</p>
    <p id="element-2">2nd element...</p>
    <p id="element-3">3rd element...</p>
    <p id="element-4">4th element...</p>

    var element3 = document.getElementById('element-3');
    var newElement = document.createElement('p');
    newElement.innerText = 'This is new element placed after 3rd...';
    insertAfter(newElement, element3);

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