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Many years me and my friends we were volunteers on my university doing programming classes for young people.

I got main conclusion: Young people are awesome, especially students, because they always bring new and fresh ideas :)
* I loved to do it but my time is limited

  I decided to create something that will help millions of students

Now I am here


JavaScript - Describe the difference between synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript?

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In synchronous javascript, VM waits until each operation execution will not be completed. After each operation, next one can be executed. It stops the program until action will take.
In asynchronous javascript, VM never waits for operation execution will be completed allowing to execute other operations at the same time. After the result of the asynchronous operation will be handled once asynchronous operation will finish execution returning result - the program is informed and gets access to the result. Results of async operation are received in event loop that solves problems that could appear with multithreading programming. 

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