Java concurrency interview questions

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Java concurrency interview questions:

  • How do you decide whether to use a CopyOnWriteArrayList or a Collections.synchronizedList(ArrayList)?
  • When would you make a variable volatile?
  • Explain volatile keyword
  • synchronized vs ReentrantLock
  • iterator can fails vs iterator won't fail
  • How does thread synchronization occurs inside a monitor?


Java interview questions:

  • Is Math.abs(Random.nextInt()) always positive?
  • When might recursion cause stack overflows?
  • What are the pros/cons of async vs. blocking I/O?


Java data structures interview questions:

  • How do you decide whether to use a HashMap or a TreeMap?


Java algorithms interview questions:

  • When would you use merge sort over quick sort?
  • What unit tests would you write for Arrays.binarySearch?


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Java concurrency

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